After Festival 2018 has been a beautiful discover for me!

I heard about the event just few days ago thanks to Caffe Design folks (my favourite podcast!). I quickly organised a family expedition to Reggio Emilia with the idea to experience the city, that was totally new for us, and take part to the event.

As every festival, there were stands, guests, gadgets. But unlike the others I found interesting and concrete initiatives.

One of them was the hackaton dedicated to the GAS, a solidal buying group: I saw a lot of young and passionate guys working on their ideas and making something good for the community and the environment.

The theme of food sustainability has been developed also in other situations and locations of the festival: I appreciated the stand with alternative foods like cricket pasta, even if it was not possible to taste it...that would have been a great experience!


An other important theme, that I feel very much, has been the woman empowerment and how the local EWMD trains and sustains the young girls forgetting about gender cliché.

Robots builded by high school girls in a summer camp


I must finally say that Reggio Emilia is lovely and his food that made great this day!

At lunch