Everyone knows that Japan is very different from other countries in the world. I think that it could be described only using contrasting images: the quiet  temples and the noisy cities, the kindness and the indifference of the people, the small rooms of cities and the comfortable ryokans in the villages, the no smoking prohibition in the streets and the restaurants where you can freely smoke with no restricted areas.

But i found something coherent in Japan: illustrations.

Welcome stand in Nara railway station


I have been fascinated from the illustrations and the way they are used in all kinds of communication, from the funny things to the serious themes.

I ask my self if this kind of irony helps Japanese people embrace the society rules or they simply respect rules because of their culture. Who knows if more illustrations could change people behaviour in other countries...Surely It would be very hard to let people accept them in institutional communications or warning situations because Japanese style could look "too funny".

I will try to propose a fusion between Occidental and Japanese style at the first opportunity: it will be another of my design challenges!

Keep attention to incoming trains!


Posters in the street


A manhole in the nearby of the Fuji


Temple entrance


Having fun while cleaning


Strange...a message without illustration, but very funny!