Lots of people believe that they can get great results at work only focusing all the day on their tasks. And most of them also renounce to their private life.

This is not the way! Start introducing in your daily routine a regular workout or a walk: this will change in better your person and your results at work.

You do not believe to my words? Well, you can trust on scientists.

Marily Oppezzo, behavioral and learning scientist, showed how a simple walk can boost creativity. This is because it increases the levels of good neurotransmitters, allowing the brain to work better. But a walk also offer the possibility to open yourself to inspiration and reframe your problems under a new perspective.


What if you make something more that a walk? What if you create a workout routine? Benefits are so huge!

  1. you will feel more confident and more beautiful and this is going to change the way you work in better.
  2. regular activity helps stay focused when you back at work and increases the mnemonic capabilities.
  3. you will prevent illnesses, from the ones caused from your job (like scoliosis) to depression, dementia and much more.

Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki explains us the benefits of exercise:


I know that it's not easy to find space for physical activity during the day, especially in the lunch break with the intention to come back to work and use all your creativity and focus capabilities.

But we can change our world: employees should ask more to their companies, and companies should be more flexible and understand the benefits of this lifestyle.

An additional reason for making workout? You can eat an XXL portion of gelato!