Visionary days was an immersive experience, made of music, lights, technology and 800 folks ready to build together their collective idea of future.

Music and lights make this event great!


It was structured like a game, with four simple rules:

  1. The talks from the stage give the input for the folks discussions.
  2. The 800 folks sit at rounded tables in group of 8 people. They are different from each other for age, sex, experience, ideas. The goal is to create a collision of their worlds and define a vision of the future. A moderator collects and sends their output to Lee, the AI of the event.
  3. Lee shows these outputs in the screen all around the tables, so anyone can read and compare his vision with the entire community.
  4. The editorial staff improve and connect the outputs with the purpose of having a live book at the end of the event.

The rules of Visionary Days


Lee, the Artificial Intelligence of the event, shows our vision of the future


The talks were focused on robotic as opportunity, genoma editing, AI and neural networks, philosophy and cultural approaches to the technology.

Every folk experienced dystopian and utopian visions.
From one side dominant robots, eugenics, transhumanism, deep fake and algorithm that could decide about our lives.
From the other side the possibility that AI could free us from work, a powerful and predictive medicine, intensify our senses, become immortal.

A war declaration to genoma editing


The rediscovery of philosophers can help us defining our relationship with technology


Probably some of these visions will never become real and should not affect the way we imagine the future. Today it’s important to stay objective and make a good use of the technology.

I left the event with a lot of doubts and I believe that this capture the truly essence of a modern visionary: always ask questions to yourself.
How can we face the rapid changes in technology?
Why humans are different from AI?
How can I improve myself and how we should improve technology?
How important are patients or future parents needs in the scientific progress?
And so on...

The only way for building a sustainable and ethic future is to answer these questions all together.
Never expect to exhaust topics! As you find answers for the oldest, you’ll have to deal with new ones.
And remember of the present: today we have urgent problems and we are writing the future with our actions, now.

The cover of the live book


Take a look to the Visionary Days story on my Instagram profile.